A Boomerang on Breathroutes

The new series “A Boomerang in the Breath-Routes” takes as its point of departure my long-year interest in German-Jewish history and individual portraits. The series which carries its title from a poem by Paul Celan, focuses on the Israeli historical narrative through Walter Benjamin’s founding text: “The Angel of History”.

The series blends past and present and brings up German and Israeli characters, Hanna Arendt, Walter Benjamin, Paul Celan, Yaakov Shabtai, Gal Gadot, and Kochva Levi (Savoy), who embody an element of catastrophe and strength, chaos and hope. Next to them appear imaginary sites and symbols with a historical charge such as the “Reich’s Eagle” and the “Star of David”.

The series was created in 2023 when Israeli reality became chaotic and the tension in the air became thick. the last work in the series, the Star of David, was completed on October 6.

The works in the series are drawn in charcoal with a combination of electric etching and mixed media on OSB plates.