A Boomerang on Breathroutes (2023 -)


Paul Celan – The Burning Heat and the Donkey’s Scream (2018-2022)


They Walked Through the Fields, 2018 , Acrylic on plywood, 60x140cmBack to the Levant (2016-2018)


Unititled 2, 2015, mixed media on plywood, Ø 120cm (after Pontormo)Marcuse, Pontormo and me (2013-2022)


Smoke II, detailSelection


Augusta Victoria II, 2010, electric etching on osb, 120x110cmAugusta Victoria (2010-2011)


The Palace, (Berlin city Palace), 2008, electric pen and oil on OSB plate, 98x119cm.My other Germany (2007-2008)


Radu (2006-2009)


Smoke 2004 mixed media on paper, on wood 49.5x34.5cmHannah Arend Project (2003-2005)


Tel Aviv ProfileTel Aviv Profile 2004


Icon-The Goldan age (2000-2006, selection)


For Your Feet Only (1998-1999, selection)


Caressing  (1997-1998, selection)


no.3 Untitled 1996 mixed media on wood 70x110cm.Anatomy of a Myth (1996-1997, selection)


From Reality To Myth Nijinsky (1994-1995 , selection)