My Other Germany (2007-2008)

The series “My other Germany” is a journey into German and German-Jewish history and myth. The series, which was created in Berlin, confronts the constant presence of the past in the city, including the traces that the Second World War left on its landscape. The works constitute an interpretation of some of Berlin’s famous eighteenth and nineteenth century sculptures and monuments and others which have been forgotten. These historical monuments are transformed into an imaginary tale of kings, queens, palaces and others legendary motives, which serve as an allegory of historical events.

Each sculpture and monuments in the series plays two roles: its original historical representation and the role it has in the tale. Further layers of visual and historical signification are added by including the fate of the original sculptures themselves, some of which were damaged or destroyed during the Second World War.

The works employ mixed media and etching by electric-pen on wood plates (OSB).